ConCost Precast SAP - an RDS for Construction

We developed Precast for SAP software, an RDS (Rapid Deployment System) for construction companies in the MENA region.

RDS changes the implementation radically.

  • It saves roughly half the implementation time (we go live within 60 working days).
  • The reduced implementation time results in saving cost.
  • Users can evaluate a live system. Any gaps detected or enhancements required can be easily identified, developed and re-evaluated.
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So instead of performing business blueprint workshops for several months, then configuring the system and performing user acceptance tests half a year later we follow SAP's innovative "ASAP 8 Assemble to Order" methodology.
For a new customer 
  1. We install the latest version of SAP.
  2. We install our PreCast RDS (now the construction processes are configured).
  3. We install a country specific localisation RDS of SAP for HCM (Human Capital Management) and FI (Financials).
  4. We customise the system according to the client's organisation.
  5. We load customer specific legacy data.

Now we have SAP configured for construction companies, with country specific configurations for labour laws and tax regulations, personalised for a customer and loaded with his data. This system is used for.

  1. UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
  2. Scope Validation including Gap Analysis - in case there are any changes required we immediately develop them and re-validate until the requirements are covered.
  3. User training.

Once these steps are completed we can prepare for going live and afterwards support the users.

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For more information please visit our Integrated Solution page or get a detailed scope description below.
Download PreCast Scope of Work

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