Cost Estimating Using Nomitech's CostOS



We are a Nomitech Partner in the region. Nomitech's CostOS is a high end construction cost estimating solution. For more information see It includes

  • BIM (3D), 2D and GIS take-off,
  • BoQ preparation,
  • Estimating,
  • Package management,
  • Indirect cost estimation,
  • Pricing.


CostOS also imports Oracle Primavera® and has a unique MS Excel® integration. 



  • Is a multi-user system (it even visualises on your screen what other users are changing),
  • Supports multi-currency and localisation factors,
  • Is highly configurable and
  • available as a cloud solution.

CostOS has developed special features for both the AEC and the EPC industries. It integrates all major estimating libraries like

  • RSMeans,
  • BCIS,
  • Richardson (process industry) and 
  • POMI for the Middle East.

Groundbreaking are the parametric "Smart Assemblies". They giude you through choices, explain with pictures and once completed generate a list of BoQ items with all their estimate details. At any time you can revise the choices. There are libraries of smart assemblies developed by industry experts. But you can also create your own.