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Project Schedule Integration

The SAP PS (Project System) has powerful scheduling functionality. But planners typically use Oracle Primavera or Microsoft Project for scheduling. Reasons are that they are used to these tools, prefer the simpler user interface or clients just make their formats mandatory deliveries. So how do you integrate these schedules with SAP?

  • MS Project® can be directly integrated using standard SAP functionality.
  • Oracle Primavera P6® needs the SAP module "EPC" (Enterprise Project Connection) for integration. We have experience in implementing EPC.

 Schedule & Estimation Integration

For project controls you also need the planned cost along the schedule. Maintaining planned cost in the schedule itself is almost impossible. SAP doesn't include a cost planning tool which is suitable for construction estimating. Therefore we recommend using a dedicated construction estimating solution like CostOS.

For project controls/Earned Value Management the estimated cost is required per period. It is recommended using the schedule as the project control structure. The easiest way to "time phase" the estimate is to map it against the schedule. The result are planned values (PV) for Earned Value Management. The schedule and the planned revenue and planned cost now can be uploaded to the SAP Project System.

The mapping between the schedule stays dynamic. This means if the schedule changes automatically the period values of the planned cost are changing. If the estimate changes automatically the planned costs of the activities change.

Mapping 2.jpg


The BoQ is the sales document with the client and package BoQs are purchase orders to sub-contractors. Therefore in addition to the controlling structure we also need to integrate the BoQs ith SAP.

Mapping 1.jpg