What is the difference between SAP ERP (ECC6) and SAP S/4HANA?

Well, the first one is the "old" product, the latter the new one. But it is not that simple. There is ERP on HANA (it runs faster because HANA is an in-memory database) and there are different options to run it in the cloud or on premise. Existing customers can move their entire ERP to S/4HANA or just individual modules. Or they can use an S/4HANA module in the cloud and connect it to their existing ERP on premise. Too much to explain here. Please contact us if you want to know which options are relevant to you.

For new customers we clearly recommend SAP S/4HANA. If you want to learn more this is a good starting point. From a user point of view the most exciting of S/4HANA is the user interface. There are so-called Fiori apps. They work similar to apps on your smart phone (they even run on smart phones, too) and are intuitive and consistent to use.

Fiori launch pad.jpg

From an enterprise management system like SAP you can of course expect that it covers all core activities in an integrated way, such as

Financial and Asset Management

Human Capital Management (HR)

Procurement (Material and Sub Contract)

Customer Relationship Management

Project Management


But when it comes to managing construction projects you will find that most SAP customers are using 3rd party tools or even Excel. We think that with SAP you can manage construction projects very well. But you need to understand construction and know SAP well in order to configure it correctly. However, some areas like BIM, scheduling or estimating are very construction specific and we don't recommend using SAP for these tasks. However, these external solutions need to be integrated with SAP.

We are explaining which solution we propose for the construction industry.