SAP Best Practices for Engineering, Construction & Operations

Construction companies face challenges if they try following SAP's Best Practices for an implementation. ConCost, based on many years of successful MENA Implementation projects, has developed a unique to the industry, pre-configured SAP solution, called “ConCost PreCast for SAP software”.

The latest version of SAP Best Practices for EC&O was developed years ago for “SAP ERP 6.0 with EHP4” (Enhancement Package 4) and never updated. This presents several challenges:

  • The latest version of SAP Business Suite is “EHP8” which means the Best Practice package does not incorporate all the latest enhancements available.
  • The documentation for these SAP Best Practice construction industry scenarios exceeds 100 Mbytes and will take several months to configure manually with the latest SAP version.
  • In order to serve EC&O customers, both big and small, SAP continuously enhances its software and acquires other software solutions, which add additional functionality to the SAP offering.

ConCost PreCast SAP software solution addresses these challenges and includes all of this new functionality and is continually updated to incorporate new SAP functionality. See how we built our template and how we implement it.