SAP Enhancements for EC&O

SAP Visual Enterprise (VE)

SAP VE is great for visualising 3D graphics, managing meta data and generating simulations. It imports dozens of CAD formats including IFC. 

But SAP VE is not only a visualiser for CAD files. Instead SAP is working on integrating VE with it's core modules. The 3D model is going to be another source for retrieving, displaying and exchanging data.

We wrote a blog about BIM and SAP where you can find more information plus a video.

SAP VE oil rig.jpg


SAP Commercial Project Management (CPM)

SAP CPM is the project managers' cockpit. It displays all project specific information from procurement, sub-contracting, billing and provides dashboards about the project performance.

We developed extended reports for Earned Value Management. Have a look at our CPM blogs about this development.