SAP Implementation

“When completing the project we had learned so much that we would implement the software differently”
Statements like this are commonly heard from ERP users. 

Our Approach – Hands On Immediately

Standard SAP implementation includes a business blueprint (BBP) phase where key users explain every process in detail to the consultants. The problem is that the users don't know what can be done using SAP. And the consultants usually don't understand construction specific processes. BBP documents are detailed but there is still room for interpretation. After the system was configured and the users go through the implemented processes for the first time there is often disappointment. We can provide standard implementation but we recommend a different approach.

ASAP 8 Assemble to Order

This approach is SAP's "ASAP8 Assemble to Order" Methodology. For this new implementation approach SAP won the TSIA Star Award for Innovation.

It combines pre-assembled configurations (this is our Precast RDS for SAP) which we can install using so called "BC-Sets" (Business Configurations) with DAD (Disciplined Agile Delivery). DAD is a method of incremental and iterative process decisions as described above. 

After installing our Precast RDS for SAP we perform a Scope Validation phase with users where we execute the processes live. Users can see how it works and what the outcome is. Decisions if processes are correct can be made incremental and with a full understanding. In case corrections are required they can be configured and tested. This iterative process provides users with the required knowledge for making decisions and allows them to verify the results. More details about this innovative implementation methodology you can find in our blog.


If required we install an Arabic language version. Users can decide at login in which language they want to work.

In order to comply with country specific labour and tax regulations and to produce the required reports we localise the HCM (Human Capital Management) and FI (Financials) modules. SAP developed localisation RDS for most MENA countries. SAP keeps them maintained so that any changes in regulations can be covered with a quick update. For details please see this blog.


Post Go Live Support – We Work Until It Works

Our work is not completed when the system is configured, data is loaded and users are trained. We continue supporting the users, help optimising workflows and collaboration and develop user guides. Additional requirements for fine tuning, reporting and management information typically arise during this stage and are taken care of.

After this stage we provide application support tailored to the needs of each client. The SLA (service level agreement) includes 24/7 support for critical incidents.

Once the organisation is successfully operating the system we re-visit and assess the operation. We identify areas of further benefits, introduce new developments or suggest a new step in automating work. At the end, software is not a finished product. It is constantly enhanced and adjusted for new technologies. The same applies for our clients’ businesses when they explore new opportunities. We want to be the partner for supporting our clients in this ongoing process.


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