SAP Mobile Solutions

SAP started the development of Fiori apps a few years ago. SAP Fiori apps are the new user interface to the SAP system. They all follow the same design principles and are intuitive to use. Basically for each task there is a dedicated app. Depending on their role users receive a selection of pre-defined Fiori apps in their launch pad and can select additional ones.

You can try out a selection of common apps yourself in a live FIORI demo!

Fiori launch pad.jpg

Fiori apps run on desktops as well as on mobile devices. They can be customised and extended and still remain compatible for updates. There are development kits available if you need an additional task to be covered. ConCost has the capabilities for SAP Fiori app development.

In the meanwhile there are thousands of Fiori apps available. Even complete SAP modules can be operated using Fiori apps.

For a complete list of currently available SAP Fiori apps please check the SAP Fiori apps library.

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