Time Tracker App for SAP

ConCost developed its first app for iPhone/iPad devices that integrates with SAP. Time Tracker allows foremen and time keepers to check-in and check-out workers for their shifts.

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With SAP you are facing two obstacles in this process.

  • Check-in against WBS Element

    In SAP you can only record time against a WBS Element when the end time of the work is known. In other words you cannot record the check-in time and wait until the shift finished before you record the check-out time. But that’s what is required on site.
  • Off-line operation

    If you want to enter data into SAP you have to be online. But construction sites are often remote, connectivity is an issue.

SAP users often use standalone third party solutions to collect hours (e.g. time attendance systems). They usually carry another problem - they record individual check-in and check-out time instead of shift start/end time. So their data has to be exported to Excel and all times have to be manually adjusted before uploading to SAP.

Time Tracker provides a direct, integrated solution. Hours are recorded against a receiver (WBS-Element) object and CATS entries are directly created in the SAP ERP system - no editing or file transfer required.
 Time Tracker allows check-in and check-out per shift in offline mode.

SAP Certified Mobile App 

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